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Neil Fishman, Attorney at Law (Florida, USA) provides personalized legal service to help employees of the United Nations system and other international civil servants better understand and claim their rights. 


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Neil Fishman is a Swiss-based attorney from the United States who helps employees of the United Nations system and other international civil servants better understand and claim their rights.

Prior to establishing Staff Lawyer, he worked in a legal capacity for nearly a decade in the United Nations system, focusing on employment law.

Mr. Fishman was a staff member of several international organizations, including the World Trade Organization, Special Tribunal for Lebanon, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees and as part of the legal secretariat of the World Health Organization's Global Board of Appeal. He is an experienced investigator and a certified mediator.

Bar Admission

  • Florida Bar (USA)


  • Leiden University, Netherlands (Master of Laws - LL.M. Advanced)
  • Florida International University College of Law, USA (Juris Doctor)
  • Saint Louis University, USA (BSBA)

Practice Area

  • International Civil Service Law
  • Employment Law
  • International Law


  • Florida Bar Association, International Law Section

(In accordance with Rule 5 of the International Labour Organization Administrative Tribunal (ILOAT) Rules of Procedure, one may represent complainants as a former official of an organization that recognizes the ILOAT's jurisdiction or as a member of the bar of a Member State of the United Nations. Mr. Fishman fulfills both of these requirements and for reasons of administrative efficiency, he represents clients as a former official of international organizations.)

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Claim Your Rights - At Any Stage of a Dispute


We advise and represent international civil servants and UN employees in preparing requests for administrative review and internal appeals.

We represent staff in front of international courts such as the ILO Administrative Tribunal (ILOAT) and United Nations Dispute Tribunal (UNDT).


We provide strong advocacy for staff members accused of misconduct, such as harassment, sexual harassment, abuse of authority, discrimination, fraud and other breaches of an organization's staff regulations. 

We help staff build a robust defense and protect their rights throughout the investigation and disciplinary process. 


We provide our expertise to whistleblowers so that they can expose wrongdoing and seek justice while minimizing their personal and professional risks. 


We advocate for staff members who have been subject to sexual harassment, abuse of authority, discrimination and other forms of misconduct. 

We help them obtain remedies and justice for harms they have suffered.


We even the playing field for staff by providing support and guidance to achieve an effective and fair outcome. We help staff build a negotiation strategy, understand settlement documents and ensure that they remain in control of the process. 

While direct negotiation is normally appropriate for disputes with an employer, mediation can be appropriate to resolve workplace conflicts between employees.

Testimonials & Results

Your Voice When it Matters the Most

Staff Lawyer advises staff members from leading intergovernmental organizations such as the United Nations (UN), World Health Organization (WHO), Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), International Organization for Migration (IOM), World Trade Organization (WTO), International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRCand many others.

Below is a small sample of client feedback.

"I found my attorney highly professional in terms of giving me advice and taking the course of action. I appreciate his ability to articulate and maintain due diligence. I am grateful to him as he brings a human face to the problem as well as making the right legal arguments."


"My experience with Neil was excellent. I had initially consulted another lawyer, who did not provide the support I needed and treated me as if there was not much for them to defend.

Neil was recommended to me by another colleague, and from our first meeting, he explained everything to me in terms I could easily understand and was always very responsive when I had questions. Even though my case was a difficult one and we knew that the likelihood of losing was very high, he gave my case all the time and attention that was needed regardless of the outcome I would get.

Neil was not only extremely knowledgeable, but he was highly sensitive to the fact that my case was proving to be a traumatic experience for all involved.

I got a positive outcome.

I highly recommend and would work with him and his law office again."


"One month prior to my retirement from a UN agency, I was investigated for an alleged abuse of power, harassment, etc. over a matter that wasn’t really under my direct responsibility, nor accountability.

Nevertheless this legal matter dragged on well past my last days and wasn't followed up further.

Thanks to Neil Fishman's intervention, the Organisation was obliged to conclude the investigation and close its file without any blame over my reputation and honour whatsoever.

The professional expertise as well as his deep knowledge and acquaintance with the international organisations and their respective human resources rules and regulations made Mr Neil Fishman a true, accountable lawyer that knows how to preserve the integrity of the current and former staff member. I do keep thanking him for his super job."




September 27, 2023

An international organization’s discretionary power (or discretionary authority) is not unlimited.  Its “freedom to act” when taking decisions concerning staff is subject to five important limitations.Nothing in this article is

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Office: Route du Fond 3, 1925 Finhaut, Switzerland

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